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text published in the catalogue of the exhibition hACeR (To Do) simón pacheco, Madrid 1991

ART AS PROCESS (passage of time)

intelligence considered in its essential state, in its pure formal outline, demands the knowledge of itself to create something that is not merely a resemblance, a sign or an idea of a thing known, but the thing existing for itself. The realm of To Do is the realm of Art, in the most universal sense of the word.

The art that corrects the To Do is out of the human boundaries because it has rules and values which are of the work to be done, but it is essentially human in its method and its final goal is always the satisfaction of the artificer.

By the Art the artists free themselves from their human side and then humanize the matter to recognize themselves in the artwork. So the Art originates in the artificer to produce artworks, and through the «building of the work» the artificers «build themselves», indefinitely, without limits, because the Truth does not exist.

The artist is conscious of the subjective nature of the truth because neither the scientific truths (claiming the objectivity) nor the religious truths (claiming the absolute) are anything else but a matter of faith. A truth is a lie that we believe and a lie is a truth that we don't believe.

The artists create their own truths as needed, but above all create humanity as a reality, a truth that believes and is believed at the same time: humans becomes their own gods.

The artist itself is the real work in progress, whit no ending but trying to hold the coherence between of what is, what does, what thinks, feels and desires...