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art as process: time passes...

...all exists in time; against time

ALL is being as some temporary state of order and the self conscience of this make us humans

but what is time?

we know that it is everywhere and we can perceive its passing but, how do we define it? what is it made of? how can we affect time around us? is possible to control, to stop, to change time in some way?

can we go further than the representations by its measurements tools or the visual metaphors of time like space-forms?

I believe that time is the real challenge that faces the life as an organized expression of matter and evidently this includes the human being as species and as individuals

all civilizations are constructed by trying different approaches in this war against time

if we analyze in deep our instincts, our cultures, our costumes, our religions, our laws, our science, our technologies, our economies... all they converge in the same goal: to control time

the common expression of the universal inertia of being against time is growth

everything that is growing is trying to be-stay on the passing of time

my artwork comes from an artistic (aesthetic and intuitive) approximation to the problem of time and

I try to see reality through the specific lens of time

in my still images research I have established three different approaches:

time as subjective human perception, downtime (tiempo muerto)

time that is in/between (en-entre) the space, watching spacetime from space

time like a succession of states, a process, a interval (intervalo), watching spacetime from time

when I use moving image I consider two main times: the time re-presented (in each sequence) versus the real time necessary to see the succession of images, in the movies the real time becomes the duration